Our Products


At I-CY CHAYA, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality pork products to our customers. We work with partner factories to develop our pork products, ensuring that they’re produced to the highest standards of quality and safety.


I-CY CHAYA is committed to providing the highest quality chicken meat possible. That’s why we raise our chickens in a cage-free farm environment, which allows them to move around freely and exhibit natural behaviors. This leads to happier and healthier chickens, and it shows in the quality of our chicken meat.


the company established since year 2012 by the group of professional people whose have the experience working in the food industry and specific category product of Export and international business field over a decade, with always traveling over the word to be explored visions, trends, business opportunity and see a lot of difference things in the different market.


Our coconuts are grown in the best quality area in Thailand for coconut breeding, located in Ratchaburi Province. The soil in this region is nourished by the Maeklong River, which contributes to the exceptional quality of our coconuts with a unique aroma and sweet taste.

Our sweet corn is grown in the most fertile and productive plantations in the northern part of Thailand. We work closely with a local factory who have a deep understanding of the land and the crops that grow there. This ensures that our sweet corn is of the highest quality and flavor.