I-CY CHAYA’s Beginning

the company established since year 2012 by the group of professional people whose have the experience working in the food industry and specific category product of Export and international business field over a decade, with always traveling over the word to be explored visions, trends, business opportunity and see a lot of difference things in the different market.

Among the experience with our business vision plus inspiration of our founder, it become to be the new inspiration of work under I-CY CHAYA CO., LTD operated the major functions of Agri-food export under International trading firm with brand building concept work , focusing to penetrate the Asia market specially Singapore , Hong Kong , South East Asia, Japan and China

Brand Building & Innovation Create

Company have been applying managing and concentrating the concept of “Branding Building” and “innovation created” as a core policy in any different of fame work. Our company been carrying export many wide range of product and brand from well-known producers from Thailand.

I see Why Chaya

I-CY CHAYA is beginning from the inspiration; company was created by Mr.Annop who is the company founder who has experienced in international business specially building the brand in oversea country, after been working for a lot of big group companies in Thailand and used to station in Hong Kong quite a few years, he have decided to build his own company with his inspiration after married with his wife named Chayateeporn , his idea to build this company as same as building his family and aim to give as much as satisfaction to all customers and let them remember and understand why need to work with the company … it is become the company name I-CY CHAYA CO.,LTD , meaning is “I See Why Chaya” ….